TELEDUCTION creates and produces critically acclaimed digital media for broadcast, educational and business audiences. Expert in the art of the interview and in researching, developing, shooting and editing content, the TELEDUCTION team has a strong history of engendering trust with the people and organizations with whom we collaborate. We take pride in giving attention to detail and aesthetic treatment, efforts that result in uniquely honest and visually beautiful storytelling.

Our award-winning programs have aired on PBS, AMERICAN PUBLIC TELEVISION, BRAVO, THE HISTORY CHANNEL and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLDWIDE. Since 2011, we have produced 400+ short feature stories for our online portal, Content Delaware. From nearby neighborhoods to far-away nations, TELEDUCTION is dedicated to creating stories told with truth and passion and color, stories that provide insight and promote greater understanding of people, places and things.

Hearts and Minds Film

Hearts and Minds Film is a producing entity under which we join the ranks of independent artists lifting their "voices" by pointing their lenses at subjects critical to the health and sustainability of communities around the world. Hearts and Minds Films draw attention, celebrate, rage, entertain, and always, they create conversation. Hearts and Minds Film is the flagship initiative of Serviam Media, Inc., our official 501©3 non-profit media company founded in 2002 and dedicated to the funding and production of non-commercial, educational media and media-based community outreach projects. is a non-commercial hyper-local website we created to host an evolving gallery of professionally produced video stories about all things Delaware. Here, web-length features and interviews explore the stories behind the headlines, helping to fill the void of visual information in a state with no indigenous, full time, television coverage. Since 2011, Content Delaware has produced and posted more than 400+ videos covering everything from arts and entertainment to the business and nonprofit sectors n Delaware, featuring stories about health, education, government, lifestyle and attractions. All content is freely and fully shared. Anyone can copy and repost any story, any time at


Content Delaware

Hearts and Minds Film

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