Art Underfoot (Oriental Rugs et. al.)

Info Series (42 episodes) (PBS/American Public Television/International)

Bandstand Days

Cultural Documentary/Pledge Special (American Public Television)

Battle for the Barriers


Cartoons Go To War

Historical Documentary (A&E/The History Channel)

Central Casting

Historical Documentary (BRAVO Channel)

Charles Parks: Working Artist

Documentary (regional PBS)

The Dating Bill of Rights

Youth Special (regional PBS)

Delaware Agriculture: Farming the First State

Historical Documentary (regional PBS)

Democracy in China: A Billion Small Voices

Documentary (regional PBS/International)

Drawing a Blank

Original Narrative Children's Drama (Nickelodeon Channel special)

Edward L. Loper: Prophet of Color

Documentary (regional PBS)

Estamos Aquí (We Are Here)

Cultural Documentary (regional PBS/International)

Guinea Worm: The End of the Road

Documentary (regional PBS/International)

His Master's Voice: The Marvelous Talking Machine

Historical Documentary (regional PBS)

Homeopathy: Mystery of Healing

Documentary (American Public Television/International)

James Newton

(PBS/American Public Television/International)

John Dickinson: Penman of the Revolution

Historical Documentary (regional PBS)

The Launching of the Kalmar Nyckel

Documentary (National Geographic Worldwide)

My Friend Ed


Nothing Beats Fun!

Cultural Documentary (regional PBS)

The Story of Old Swedes Church

Historical Docu-Drama (regional PBS)

Through the Eyes of the Artist

Biography series - Delaware Artists (regional PBS)

Waterbound - The Story of Fort Delaware

Historical Documentary (regional PBS)

Whispers of Angels: The Story of the Underground Railroad

Historical Docu-Drama (American Public Television/International)

Why I Write: The Twin Poets

Documentary (Heartland Film Festival/regional Cable)

With All Deliberate Speed: The Legacy of Brown v. Board

Historical Documentary (American Public Television)

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