TELEDUCTION is an award-winning, Delaware-based company producing high-impact video programs and presentations for nonprofit and business applications. Committed to serving community through media, we have created nationally and internationally distributed documentary films, along with hundreds of award-winning video programs for local and regional clients.

TELEDUCTION provides clients with all aspects of HD video production services for web, broadcast and “live” display, from concept development…through production, post and distribution. Master Storytellers, the TELEDUCTION team delivers high-end media products to clients, on time and on budget. Oh, and we are really great to work with, no kidding.

In the Works

Art for life - Twin Poets

Twin Poets Nnamdi Chukwuocha and Al Mills have dedicated their lives to inspiring under served youth in their hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Now, as Delaware’s official Poets Laureate, their mantra Art for Life has been amplified, but their mission remains the same: to interrupt the cycles of underachievement that plague too many of America's poorer neighborhoods, breeding hopelessness and violence.

 In 2010, Hearts and Minds Film told the story of the origins of their work in the documentary film, “Why I Write: The Twin Poets”. Their message and model resonated with communities around the country where it screened to enthusiastic audiences. Now, “Art for Life” updates the story of the Poets' work and wider focus that includes Veterans and incarcerated young adults, all part of their unwavering efforts to achieve greater social justice through the power of the arts. (Documentary)

Tides of Change

Compounded by sea level rise and stronger and more frequent storms, lives and infrastructure in coastal communities are increasingly at risk for flooding and wind driven destruction from events like super storm Sandy. Battle for the Barriers explores adaptation strategies and projects in coastal states along the Eastern US seaboard designed to help safeguard the people, wildlife and properties in these storm and flood prone areas. In the absence of Federal policy to address climate change, state-based organizations, both public and private, seek to protect beaches, dunes and wetlands--the first line of defense along the coastlines and inland waterways in harm's way. As solutions are hopefully developed to reduce our carbon footprint, protecting these natural barriers is critical to preventing new catastrophic loss from storm events and encroaching sea level rise. It is a battle further complicated by ongoing development fueled by the promise of Federal subsidy in the event of disaster. (Documentary).

Conversations from Quarantine

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