His Master's Voice: The Marvelous Talking MachineHis Master's Voice:
The Marvelous Talking Machine

1 x 35
Documentary for television, video & DVD
Color, Digital Betacam (widescreen)
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Winner: Emmy Award, Mid Atlantic region

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His Master's Voice: The Marvelous Talking Machine

100 years after the image of Nipper, the dog, staring quizzically into a talking machine, was introduced to the world, TELEDUCTION brings you the story of the men and the machines that delivered the gift of music from the concert hall to the household parlor. Using historical text, scholarly interviews, location photography, archival sound, and period artifacts from the Johnson Victrola Museum's extensive collection of over 300 phonographs, thousands of antique advertisements and business archives, His Master's Voice follows the evolution of the fledgling recording industry: from the patent races of the early innovators through the formation of the Victor Talking Machine Company, its sale to RCA and the creation of the English company EMI.

His Master's Voice is told with the help of scholars and experts representing various areas of expertise, from the development of new consumer markets to the specific makes and modes of Victrolas; from the patent history of the "Talking Machines" to the current state of the recording industry.

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