Helen Farr Sloan: An Artistic Vision

Helen Farr Sloan: An Artist Vision

1 x 30
Cultural program for television and video
Color, Digital Betacam (widescreen)

Teleduction presents Teleduction produces third program in series
on American artists: Helen Farr Sloan

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Helen Farr Sloan: An Artistic Vision

Quietly remarkable, Helen Farr Sloan is an accomplished artist, teacher and historian. She is a major advocate for arts constituencies in Delaware and around the country and the widow of John Sloan, one of the premier American artists of the 20th century. Helen is a native New Yorker who enrolled in the Art Students League of New York in the late 1920's. There, she first met John Sloan, with whom she studied drawing while transcribing his principles and philosophy in the margins of her sketches. These studio notes would later be formalized and published as "The Gist of Art".

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