Edward L. Loper: Prophet of Color

Edward L. Loper: Prophet of Color

1 x 30
Cultural documentary for television
Winner: Emmy Award, Mid Atlantic region

TELEDUCTION presents Edward L. Loper: Prophet of Color,
the EMMY Award winning documentary about the life and work of the Delaware painter.

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Edward L. Loper: Prophet of Color

Enter the color-filled world of American artist Edward L. Loper, Sr. Told entirely in the artist's own words, this program paints an intimate portrait of a young African-American man from urban Wilmington, Delaware who began drawing and painting on his own in the mid 1930's. Now, some sixty years later, his uncommon talent is recognized at the national level. His intense canvases are testaments to his lifelong dedication to the use of color. His influence is evidenced by his student following.

Senior producer Sharon Baker worked in collaboration with author Marilyn Baumann (Edward L. Loper, The Prophet of Color: A Disciple's Reflections) and Delaware Art Museum director Steve Bruni to craft the important story of this modern day master. Composer Wilson Gault Somers returned to work with Sharon to provide an original jazz score and adapt several turn-of-the-century compositions written by celebrated black composers.

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