Democracy in China

Democracy in China

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Cultural documentary for television

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Democracy in China

Producer Sharon Baker and director of photography Pascal Dieckmann visited rural China with The Carter Center's special China delegation. The group toured the Jilin and Liaoning provinces to document and observe village elections. The nine-person team, led by Carter Center fellow Dr. Robert Pastor, also discussed a long-term agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs on election-related projects.

This two-week trip provides principal photography for Democracy in China: A Billion Small Voices, a 30-minute documentary examining the implementation and initial impact of the democratic electoral process in communist China. As access to this process is highly guarded, Ms. Baker and Mr. Dieckmann are honored to have been selected to represent The Carter Center and the United States during this pivotal moment in China's political history.

In 1991, Ms. Baker traveled to Africa to film The Carter Center's international Guinea worm disease eradication efforts.

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