Charles Parks: Working Artist

Charles Parks: Working Artist

1 x 30
Cultural program for television & video
Winner: Gabriel Award

Teleduction presents Charles Parks: Working Artist, the Gabriel Award winning documentary about the life and work of the Delaware sculptor, featuring the music of Wilson Gault Somers (Mass for the Homeless)

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Charles Parks: Working Artist

The essence of sculpture is its ability to capture the structural harmony that pervades all forms of life. It creates symbols that have spiritual meaning for both the sculptor and the observer. Such is the vision that governs the work of Charles Parks, a Delaware artist who has created more than 500 figurative sculptures during the last half century. Visit with Parks in his Wilmington, Delaware studio along the banks of the Brandywine River during this half-hour program devoted to his life and work. Parks shares his intimate thoughts about his work and the messages his work conveys to the public.

The Gabriel Award, given each year by the National Catholic Association for Communicators(UNDA), is one of the most prestigious awards given in the industry each year. The Award was created in 1965 to "recognize outstanding artistic achievement in a television or radio program or series which entertains and enriches with a true vision of humanity and a true vision of life." Producer/director Sharon K. Baker, director of photography Pascal Dieckmann, and editor Julie Pfeifenroth share major credits in telling the spiritual and artistic story of Charles Parks' lifelong pursuit of figurative sculpture. Click here to visit the Gabriel Awards website.

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