Teleduction - Bandstand Days
Bandstand Days

Bandstand Days

1 x 60
Cultural documentary for television

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Bandstand Days

An hour-long PBS pledge special celebrating the experiences of the original Bandstand dancers during Philadelphia’s golden days of rock’n’roll Remember Bob and Justine? Arlene Sullivan?Eddie Kelly and Bunny Gibson?

In a daily ritual, hundreds of High School students lined up each day outside the 46th Street Studio in Philadelphia for a chance to dance on the live television show, American Bandstand. A select number of those who made it in on most days became the "Regulars," national role models and celebrities for three hours each day, receiving volumes of fan mail...until their 18th birthdays! The program reassembles Dick Clark, the "Regulars" (now in their 50's),select program staffers, rare personal mementos and rare show clips. The dancers speak candidly about this life-altering experience that all agree could never happen again.

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